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DVR (Digital video Recorder) & NVR (Network Video Recorder)

Monitor and record video remotely with Broadband / Mobile Network

Analog Camera  uses coax and a power cable while an IP camera uses standard network (Cat 5e or Cat 6) cabling. … IP cameras today have a much higher resolution than Analog CCTV cameras. The higher resolution of IP cameras results in a much larger field of view when compared to analog cameras.

Local File Storage
Remote Video Monitoring
Mobile Monitoring
Secure Wireless Transmission

Protect Your Home From Anywhere

Monitor your home from anywhere and anytime

Continuous. This is our recommended recording method. The DVR records all the time, when the hard drive fills up it goes back to the start and records over the earliest footage on a rolling basis.

Motion sensing. The DVR monitors the picture coming in from the camera. If it sees movement then it starts recording. You can choose which areas of the screen the DVR looks for movement in, you don’t have to use the whole screen as a trigger area.

Centralized Control Panel
Surveillance Monitoring
Video Analysis
Live Recording

Enhance Your Customer Experience

Track and analyze buying behavior of each buyer with video analytics system

Retail Video Analytic use new or existing CCTV systems and cameras to provide you with actionable intelligence about your business, big or small.

Customer Enter/Exit Counts
Heat Mapping Customer Journeys
Identifying Store Performance
Event Based Analysis

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